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Saturday, January 31, 2009

my new jeans

By the end of the week before last, my stomach had officially rebelled and I took a 'sick day' on Thursday. While I was down for the count, Troy was performing air band tributes to the Stones. Luckily it was caught on video so I didn't miss out. I've included it on todays blog for your listening and viewing pleasure, hope you like it.


As I was still not feeling great on the Friday before last, we decided to lay low that weekend and stay in Antigua. I had been dying for a pair of jeans (had all i could take of my nerdy 'travel pants') and we had heard about the 'used clothes market' so thought we should investigate. Success! Troy was in heaven getting to bargain with all the local merchants and here I am, extremely happy, in my new/used jeans!!

With a new/used pair of jeans in hand and a new bill of health, Troy and I were ready to tackle the upcoming week of school, this was supposed to be our last week of teaching in Itzapa...(more on that later). The Zunil class continued to learn their alphabet and numbers, and I continued to learn that keeping short attention spans occupied is exhausting! I have been consulting my teacher sister on new and interesting ideas for games and activities and have greatly appreciated all of her help. Here are some of the masterpieces that have been created in our class so far :).

Troy had another good week of wrestling, singing, dog piling, and oh yeah, teaching the kids in his class. This week there was a break from the normal curriculum as Troy and Jason (a firefighter from Australia) taught the kids fire safety. Below, they are learning to stop, drop, and roll, with a little encouragement, ofcourse!

On Friday, us gals were invited (by Elena, a community leader) to dress in traditional clothes. Wearing such attire truly gave me a greater appreciation for my new/used extremely comfortable jeans, have I mentioned how much I love my new jeans. ;)

As for our supposed last week of teaching at Itazpa, we have changed plans again and have decided to stay on with GVI here in Guatemala for another week. We will however take some time for ourselves and enduldge in almost a whole week 'holiday' before beginning our Ecuador internship. Right now we are planning to spend the week in the bay islands in Honduras to do some beaching and potentially get our scuba certification. This is the plan today, we'll see if it changes by next Friday...


  1. Hey, help me out! Where do I see Troy's performance?

  2. I'm really enjoying reading about your adventures! I am a former colleague of Rachel's. I live currently in Rio de Janeiro, teaching at an American School here--a very different experience from yours. Thank you for posting your journey!!