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Friday, January 2, 2009

"Not a Square to Spare"

So, this is my first time writing on this here blog and depending on the response, it may be my last. Antigua is a great place, the people are so friendly, the city is beautiful and the hostel we are staying at is super nice. A couple of things I have noticed that Nicole probably won´t write about. First and foremost, you have to throw your used toilet paper in the garbage beside you in the bathroom. For anyone who knows me at all, this has been a problem. Second thing I have noticed is that when you use the washroom in town you have to pay for your toilet paper and you are only given about 2 squares, so you really don´t have a "square to spare". It is the equivalent to about 30 cents for 2 squares of toilet paper, so I will probably spend about 5 bucks the first time I use a public washroom. Can you see the theme of things I have noticed. So far we have shopped at the local market and I am sure we got ripped off, you can almost here the local merchants laughing out loud when they see the big dumb sucker walking towards them, but whatever, a man´s got to eat. Incredibly enough there is a local bar that will be showing all the playoff games for the NFL and I am convincing myself that if I watch the football games that will make my transition to life abroad a little easier. I am sure Nic doesn´t share the same feelings about said football games. So I think I have covered everything true to my heart to this point, the can, food and sports. And finally to all coffee lovers who may be reading this, today I had my first coffee and to say that my taste buds danced the dance of joy would be an understatment. Totally worth the trip just for that first cup of joe.
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  1. Hey, the toilet paper thing sounds just like Brazil. I think they use 2 inch pipes in their plumbing. You will soon learn how to outsmart those merchants, too. Hang onto those dollars, and exchange only a few at a time. There are "places" where you can get a better exchange rate... usually NOT the bank, if you know what I mean... shop around. Have fun!
    p.s. Ahhhhhhh. The coffee!

  2. I was wondering how the "can" situation was! There probably arn't any fans in the cans either eh?! :)

  3. In case Nicole blocks your attempts to "transition":
    - San Diego, Baltimore and Arizona are off to the next round, the Eagles and Vikings still have to play.
    - Team Canada beat Russia in a shoot-out to move onto the gold medal game (this Monday)

    My Advice: get an emergency roll of TP!

  4. Troy - have you had to "hover" yet?