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Home Sweet Home

Saturday, November 29, 2008


So, it's official. We sold our acreage! We signed the papers, came home and put up the sold sign ourselves. Okay, so we were a tad bit excited...

We have packed up most of what we own (the things that made the cut anyways, after the giant purge) into a ten by ten storage unit. Do you know how much you can fit into a ten by ten storage unit?? I admit it, I was skeptical that it could be done. Or maybe i didn't want to believe that it could be done. Packing up one's entire life into a ten by ten storage unit seems a bit depressing. Troy on the other hand, confident in his skills at 'tetris' was excited by the challenge. As he was on holidays for most of November, he did most of the packing and took daily trips to our storage unit (usually followed by a trip to the dump and a trip to Goodwill). He would typically call me at work on his way home from the storage unit to tell me about how much room there was left in the unit and, basically, how he is the best packer in the world. Ever notice that guys love to pack stuff? Whether it's packing the car for camping or rearranging the pantry to maximize space and organize, Troy loves to pack stuff. The storage locker exceeds in sheer volume anything he's ever packed before and you should have seen his face light up when we rolled open the door for the first time. Like a kid at Christmas! I, on the other hand, get very nervous about the fact that since Troy did most of the packing, I have no idea where anything is or what he decided to keep or what he decided to throw away. I guess it will be like Christmas for me when we eventually do unpack.

To celebrate the house selling, we immediately went and bought backpacks for our trip. It was very exciting! In true Troy style, he was sold on the first one he tried on. Period. In true Nicole style, I tried them all on, agonized about the decision, and then bought the first one i tried on. We then proceeded to take the backpacks for a walk, in the dark, empty ofcourse. No need to over exert ourselves just yet.