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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The big 3-0

This past weekend we went out on a trip to Lake Atitlan with a group of ten volunteers. A little well-deserved R 'n R if I do say so myself. We drove for about two hours, stopped the van, unloaded the bikes and rode the last 30km stretch down to the lake. Mostly downhill and windy roads so super fun!
The odd, randomly placed speed bump almost got the better of us a couple times but we managed to stay on two wheels. At least I think Troy did, he was too far ahead of me for me to know for sure. Whle I had one hand on the brake the whole time, I'm sure he was pedaling to gain speed for most of it!
We were surrounded by beautiful views and vistas the whole way and stopped for lunch at a great lookout spot. The lake is basically surrounded by volcanoes and a smattering of small towns and villages. Once we arrived at Lake Atitlan, we boarded a boat 'taxi' that took us to La Casa del Mundo, near the town of Panajachel. The hotel was the cutest I have ever seen and it reminded me of the one in Mama Mia.
We relaxed in the sun, jumped in the lake and enjoyed the wood stove heated hot-tub until the wee hours of, oh about 9 o'clock! We all turned in early as all that fresh air took it out of us! In the morning we set out in kayaks and set out across the lake (well not literally across, but to a different spot.). I shared a kayak with Lindsay while Troy shared a kayak with Mark. Predictibly they were the only two that capsized as they were too busy blaming each other for going in the wrong direction to notice the approaching wave!
The gals and I however were quite impressed by our rowing skill :).
That is Lindsay in the middle, and Nancy on the right. Since Troy was already wet, he didn't hesitate to add a cliff jump to the itinerary. Notice his jump technique - arms straight up in the air. In retrospect, this is not recommended unless you want lobster-red tingly arms with no feelings in your hands....

We capped off Sunday with a hike back to the hotel. It was beautiful and sunny and I probably won't soon forget where/how I welcomed in the big 3-0.


  1. You're 30 this year?! I thought you would be in your 20s forever. Young at heart and all that.

  2. Troy was lucky he only got red arms! Hands should be down in front of you for protection. Happy B day Nic.

  3. Happy Birthday Nic!

  4. I like the downhill part... but ya gotta remember, "what comes down, must go back up"!
    (Careful with the hand signals... not sure about your location, but in Brazil, the upside down "OK" is naughty, naughty...)

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Nic! What an amazing way to spend your 30th year and to make memories that will last a lifetime!