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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


What a weekend! Certainly in my top 5 weekends of all time. And yes, I rate them. It all started out early Saturday morning, and I mean early. Nicole and I were up at 4 am (we didn't get to bed to half past 12 which turned out to be a terrible decision) as we had plans of summiting the 3rd highest peak in Guatemala, at a height of 3995 meters. We took a shuttle to the base of Volcano Acatanengo and began our hike at 6am. It was an amazing hike that was challenging and loads of fun. We summitted around 10: 05 am and were super pumped about the fact that it only took us just over 4 hours. We started making our way down about 30 seconds after we summitted because on top of volcano acatanengo was the windiest and coldest place on earth. We took 1 picture because that is all I could manage to take without freezing my fingers off.
We stopped for lunch just before noon and had an amazing vegetarian sandwhich, who knew a sandwhich without meat could taste so good and be so filling. Got back into town around 4pm about 1.5 hours ahead of schedule. The rest of Saturday consisted of getting ready for our trip to the Copan Ruins in Honduras, eating and sleeping, so a great ending to a great day.

Sunday was more of the same with a 4 am shuttle ride to Copan, Honduras. We arrived in Copan just after 10 am and set out to find a place to spend the night. Nicole and I, along with Jason and Nancy ( another couple volunteering in Guatemala) found a nice hostel that only was $12 per night to stay, so a good start to the day already. The four of us then headed to the Copan Ruins. The Ruins were super cool and very interesting, we had an excellent guide, learnt alot of history about the ruins and the mayan culture. This won't make sense to the female readers but I think most of the guys will understand my next point. The whole time walking around the Ruins, I couldn't help but think that the whole experience would have been alot better if I could have carried a spear around with me and then threw it at something at the end of the tour. Despite not getting to carry and/or throw a spear, the ruins were quite amazing and something I won't soon forget.

As we got back into Copan there was only one thing on my mind and that was ofcourse finding a place that was going to show the superbowl. Well as Nicole and the others ate, I went to scope out all of the options and then ultimately pick the best place to take in the big game. After checking out many opitons I settled on Big Jim's Pizza. The actual name of the place was Jims Pizza but Jim was huge, so I started calling him big Jim and only find it appropriate to tell you that we watched the superbowl at Big Jim's. I showed up at Big Jims about 2 hours before kickoff and was the only soul in the place. I was fine with this as it assured me the best seat in the house. I sat with Big Jim and shared some conversation and some beers waiting for the others to arrive. Well the game came and what a game it was. I have no allegience for either team and was just hoping for an entertaining game and man was it ever entertaining. The game was great, the pizza was unreal and I was in a bar in Honduras watching the superbowl, seriously, how good is that. To top the night off, we went to the red frog ( another local bar in Copan) where I ate nachos and got to play poker with 4 dudes from England and a guy name Pat. Pat was the owner of the red frog and if I were ever to make a movie, Pat would certainly be a character in it. So Sunday consisted of Ruins, food, the Superbowl, beer, Nachos, poker and a really cool guy named Pat, minus the whole no spear thing, it was truly a great day.

Anyways, miss you all and hope you all enjoyed Superbowl Sunday as much as I did.


  1. Glad you got to take in the Super bowl! I did not, I was busy getting engaged in Whistler!!!! Miss you guys!

  2. Ok, we have just realised why not many people are commenting on your blog, its because it has just deleted our whole message and now we cant remember what we had to say...
    in short, how u? we in tikal, heading to semuc. belize awesome.
    how was friday? were thinking of you kids, waterworks?
    anyways, will tell you all later when we get to semuc.
    seno nance and profe jase