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Friday, February 20, 2009

Dudes are dudes!

I learnt a valuable lesson today in school and that lesson is that dudes are dudes. No matter what country your in, what the age group and no matter the culture you have been raised in, dudes are dudes. I know this because today in front of a group of 4 boys at the school, I dropped an eraser on the floor, turned around, bent over and dropped a huge fake fart. Well these kids were in stitches and for the next 10 minutes, myself and another male volunteer (Aaron from Colorado and yes he is a Bronco fan), had a great time as we, along with the 4 aforementioned boys, had a great game of fake farting (may have been 1 or 2 real ones in there somewhere but who´s counting) and couldn´t stop laughing. As I said, dudes are dudes. Anyways, it was a great way to end the week of school. And just so you know, the kids here call a fart a soupi. If your a dude, no matter how old you are a "soupi" is still funny as all get out.


talk to you later and if for some reason this happens to be my last blog, it has been fun.


  1. Farts are always funny! Duke would have enjoyed playing that game with ya...hell, me too!!! Hope that isn't your last blog, we here in Alberta are loving laughing with ya! :)

  2. Soupi is WAY too funny... but sounds like the kind you can't be too exuberant about.

  3. Why do I find it so easy to picture you doing this Farn? I guess some people are themselves no matter hte situation.