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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

She owns the mountain!!!

Nicole has no idea that I am doing this and I will probably get in crap but oh well. We have just finished our third day of our coast to coast trip and it has truly been amazing. Pictures and more stories will follow in up coming blogs but this blog is simply to brag about my wife.

Our first two days were full of biking and hiking. We biked a total of 4 hours in our first 2 days and hiked a total of 8 hours. And most of this hiking and biking has been climbing, so needless to say they were not easy days. So after 2 hard days like we had I knew today was going to be a tough one because today was 58km of mostly uphill biking and the conditions were less then perfect. We started the day at 7am with a 14km climb up a mountain that took just over an hour and half. After a short rest and a short downhill period, we started heading back up hill. We biked for another 2 hours before we stopped for a snack. After the short rest we were off again, tackling more hills and climbing more mountains and this is when we had the biggest challenge of the day. Another climb but this climb was steeper and harder than anyone we had done today so far and remeber we have been on our bikes for about 4 hours at this point already. Well a long story short, Nicole owned the mountain, so much so, I suggested that she pack it up and take it home because it is now hers. I mean she owned it! I was so proud of her and so pumped up, it was awesome to see. We finished the day with another (you guessed it), climb up to our hotel with a total of just under 6 hours with our butts on a bike seat. It was an awesome day and does anyone know how much it would be to send a mountain home. Talk to you soon and remember, keep it real.



  1. Way to go Nicole. Really proud of you! Take care as always love Alf and Pat. Hi Troy really proud of you also but I think this was more a challenge for Nic. Love you Dad and Mom take care

  2. Both of you and both of your "butts" continue to AMAZE me!
    Keep taking care of each other!
    mary margaret