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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A day worthy of new white shoes

Last Friday, we attended Flag Day (Dia de la Bandera) with our respective seventh grade classes. The Larcacunga seventh graders, along with seven other schools, were hosted by a community called Tangali while the Muenala seventh graders, along with five other schools were hosted by another GVI sponsored community called Huayrapungo.

Dia de la Bandera is to recognize the achievements of the seventh graders. The ceremony involves presenting the seventh grade classes at a marching and flag bearing ceremony. The students have been practicing for the past few weeks, getting their steps and turns and salutes just right. The top academic student in the class earns the privilege of carrying the National flag for their school. A second and a third student also march with the flag bearer and the remaining students in the class participate in the marching and flag salutation.

Myself and two other volunteers were picked up bright and early on Friday morning and, along with the five seventh graders, their moms, a couple siblings, and two teachers, we rode in the back of a pickup truck up to Tangali. Upon arrival, the moms broke out brand new white shoes for the boys and the girls were primped and prepped. It was great to see all the pride that went into the festivities.

This is the seventh grade class from Larcacunga. Meet Marcos, Tarquino, Jose, Norma, and Anahi.
Though we have barely just met, I couldn’t help but feel so proud of the students as they took the floor. This was clearly an important event for them and we were honored to be welcomed at such an important day.

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  1. Great pics Nic! Hmmm, havn't had many days here lately that seem deserving of new white shoes, or anything new, but the other day I did buy myself a new purse as consollation for making it through the hour long traffic jam I was in without causing bodily harm to any of the other idiot drivers....