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Sunday, March 8, 2009

And so a new adventure begins...

So, currently on leave from Ecuador for two weeks, we have arrived in Costa Rica!

The following exerpt is what caught our attention months ago and ultimately what has lured us to Costa Rica :
"The challenge: to traverse a small Central American country solely by muscle power. This trip is for the truly adventurous. From the Pacific coast to the Atlantic shores of Costa Rica, we bike, hike and raft in one adventure-filled expedition. From the picturesque cliffs and beaches of Manuel Antonio, we go on to challenge the Continental Divide, a barrier that has held man back for thousands of years. As we cross to the Talamanca and Central Mountain ranges, we pass through some of the most diverse terrain in the world. Finally, having conquered many of nature's greatest challenges, we drift peacefully to the Atlantic shores, humbled by our deliverance. For the physically fit and the insanely energetic, it is the trip of a lifetime."

Trip Highlights are promised to include mountain biking across the Continental Divide and whitewater rafting from the Pacuare River to the Caribbean Sea. While I am tired just thinking about it, I am also super pumped! So, with map in hand we have set out to cross Costa Rica...

This morning, having arrived in San Jose Costa Rica yesterday, we boarded a tiny, ten passenger plane in San Jose and bounced and jostled our way , stomachs turned upside down and inside out, to the tiny fishing village of Quepos on the Pacific Coast.

We spent the day soaking up the sunshine that Costa Rica is promising and visited the beach at Manuel Antonio National Park. We will leave from here, ready or not, at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning.


  1. Wow! Ready or not, giver girl!!!!! Have sooo much fun! I will be thinkin of ya every day!!!
    Love you!

  2. Have an awesome adventure you two!!! Take lots of pics and keep a journal. God Bless!

  3. Hey you two go for it but be careful. Love Always Dad and Mom. Keep in touch. Love you