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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nicaragua - The land of lakes and volcanoes!

Plagued by indecisiveness as usual, I have packed and unpacked a dozen times fully recognizing that I will unlikely wear/use at least half of what I am bringing. One would think that packing for a single month should be easy compared to packing for a whole year but one would sadly be mistaken. We will be cramming a lot of different activities into a short amount of time, and I want to be prepared for anything!

We will be spending our first night in the capital, Managua, and will head to Leon the next morning to join a group of volunteers raising money in support of GVI's ongoing Phoenix Projects (community education projects) in Nicaragua by participating in the organization's first-ever Nicaraguan Volcano Charity Challenge. We have been sponsored by generous friends and supporters and over the course of 4 days (May 5-8), we will hike 8 volcanoes with all donations going towards a new school building in Chiriza, local teachers' salaries and food for the kids.

The last update received from Nicaragua was to suggest appropriate clothing to deal with 10-12 hour hikes in extreme heat and in the midst of, and I quote, "droves of bees!" Um, yikes. But a challenge is supposed to be challenging, right?!

And so...we're off!

The above map identifies four of the eight volcanoes we will be hiking: Telica, Cerro Negro, Las Pilas, and Momotombo (not shown are Santa Clara, Rota, El Hoyo, and Asososca)


  1. It is so awesome to see a new post on this blog! Love you guys!

  2. Ummm, did u say droves of bees! Yikes is right! Good luck..with everything! Here's to a new adventure

  3. Yay! You're there! Happy hiking & I sure hope that you researched what NOT to wear as far as the bees are concerned... bzzzzzzzz!