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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The price is right

This morning I paid 20 cents for the delicious mangos, sliced up and bagged for my convenience by the nice lady on the street, that I snacked on while Troy sipped his 27 cent cup of coffee. I walked two hours to a waterfall outside of town and paid $1 to enter the protected natural area. While there I contributed $3 to a local man who handcarved from stone the mortar and pestle set I purchased. I paid 45 cents for the bus to take me home.

As I write this I am spending 50 cents to use the internet for one hour to find out what is going on in the world I am accustomed to where buying a couple of starbucks coffees costs the same as a good night´s sleep and three meals a day prepared by a lovely woman who makes sure I exceed my daily recommended carb intake here in Nicaragua.

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  1. U miss emptying your wallet here at home don't ya? Bet u can't wait to come back and Purchase a tank of gas, the price of that will blow your mind! Keep livin simple as long as u can girl! Miss ya!