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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Going up?

We decided to switch things up last weekend and instead of climbing up, fighting gravity with the promise of a view at the end of the day, we decided to embrace gravity and focus on climbing down. We made our way north of Kathmandu, to a beautiful spot about 10km south of the Tibet border. It was here that we would try our hands at canyoning.

Decked out in wetsuits that fit a little too big (pulled down over the tops of our shoes in yet another feeble attempt at combatting leeches), our harnesses snugged up (perhaps a little too tight), and donning bright blue helmets designed to make us feel like conspicuous rookies, we scrambled, slid, and abseiled our way down the canyon's waterfalls.

While similar to repelling in rock climbing, which we have done, the added element of rushing water over the rock faces and the 'showers' pelting us from above, made it something new and exciting, not to mention slippery and, at times, even a bit scary!

We made it out with only a couple blisters and one high fever and discovered that, as it turns out, climbing down is pretty fun, despite the lack of view from the bottom.

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  1. How about the view of your bottom? he he! Bet it was an...interesting view with those too tight harnesses! :)