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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lets Go Broncos!

What is up?

So Nic and I are in Nepal and have been here for a week already. We arrived on Monday, took the day to rest and then got to it on Tuesday. We are volunteering at an Orpahage in Katmandu. There are 13 kids in the orphanage and most have been there since the doors opened 4 years ago. The kids there are really great kids and Nic and I both love it there. As well as working at the orphanage 4-5 times per week we are going to try to squeeze in some time at a school where most of the kids are either affected by or infected with HIV or are orphans themselves.

Katmandu is a great city. All your senses get punched in the face with the smells ( mostly not good smells either), the traffic, the crowds, the never ending honking and all of the cows (yeah the cows... apparently they are a sacred animal here and the roam freely all over the city). It is great to be surrounded by moutains again and we are looking forward to taking advantage of our surroundings. This Sunday we are heading out on our first mountain bike ride in months and we are jacked up and really looking forward to it. We also have a couple of treks planned, hopefully some more mountain biking, some repelling down waterfalls and maybe some kayaking. All of our weekends are booked up until the end of our volunteering and we might get a chance to volunteer on a moving medical camp trek that would take us to some of the remote villages in the Himalayas. Also hoping to get a Yoga retreat in there somewhere.
So, I think we will be able to keep ourselves busy over the next 3 months.

And just to add some things that I am sure got lost in translation...
The other day Nic and I could have taken a bus to the land of " Ta Ta's", eaten at a restaurant called "MasterBakers" and ordered some "Indians and Dog Nuts". We didn't eat there but if we would have I would have stuck with the burger and fries.

Oh Yeah, the NFL season just started and although this season doesn't look that promising for the Broncos I think that they might shock some people.


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  1. Ta Tas and Dog Nuts, sounds like you have found home!!! He he!