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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It takes a village...

We are currently in western Kenya in a tiny place called Bumala.

We are volunteering at the Mercy Children’s Centre, a school funded by a local Edmonton organization called One Child’s Village. This school provides an education for 220 orphans who otherwise would not be afforded this ‘luxury’. Attending public school requires the paying of school fees, the purchase of a school uniform, school supplies, and yes, even a desk, making it out of reach for many children who have lost their parents, many of whom now rely on the guardianship of their grandmothers.

The teaching staff is young and energetic, the students are eager and enthusiastic and I have been racking my brain to satisfy their desire to learn new games. We have been welcomed here with open arms, and ofcourse singing! As a relatively young project, foreign visitors to the school have been few to this point, but those who have been here have left their mark as the kids can’t get enough of ‘What time is it Mr. Lion?’ and doing ‘The Jiggalo’! You’ll be happy to know that yes, only two days in, and the chicken dance is now also part of the repertoire.

While we are here we plan to help in the classrooms, hopefully providing some extra one-on-one to students who could use the extra attention, teach first aid, and help with the construction of volunteer accommodation to facilitate a future volunteer program.

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