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Monday, May 18, 2009

Pulling our weight in Pisco

We arrived in Pisco on Sunday morning to volunteer with a non-profit organization called Pisco Sin Fronteras (PSF). Pisco Sin Fronteras (Pisco without borders) started in August 2008 on the first year anniversary of the massive earthquake which devastated the city, destroying 80% of homes and killing around 600 people. Volunteers here are helping to build houses, schools, sanitation units and helping with other community-based projects. It’s been almost two years since the disaster and there are still a huge amount of people without adequate housing and sanitation.

The director, Harold (only 24 years old!) is from Pisco, born and raised, and is passionate about PSF and helping his local community to rebuild. In addition to providing a labour force, by way of volunteers, to help with construction projects, PSF also provides tools that people may not readily have, like a concrete mixer and power saw for example.

The organization´s plea for volunteers includes the following "we need hard working volunteers who come with patience, enthusiasm, an open mind, flexibility and the willingness to get stuck in and get their hands dirty".

Looking forward to getting our hands dirty in Pisco.

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