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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Holy Hammocks Batman!

We ended up spending nine sunny (aka 'scorching hot' if you ask Troy) days in the small surfing/fishing town of Mancora Peru. We were eager to test out our surfing skills and the four of us each took a surfing lesson bright and early on our first morning. We spent about two minutes on the beach stretching, practiced jumping up from our bellies to our feet about once and then it was into the water! Yep, it was just the way we like it, none of this 'classroom' stuff, on to the 'practical'! Sink or swim...or SURF!!

And surf we did :). As long as standing up on the board, long enough to wonder if you look like a surfer yet, counts. It was a blast so we ofcourse decided to repeat the routine the following morning. Us gals were to take another lesson and Josh and Troy would take a shot at doing their own thing on rental boards. To our disappointment, the waves weren't great the next morning and the tide was low so after sustaining my very own 'surfer injuries' which included scraped up toes, fingers, and arms from the rocks, we hung up our surfboards for the day.

The next seven days are a blur of activity in slow motion. Tanis and I shopped the strip, testing our bargaining skills (the best tactic seemed to be Tanis pleading language ignorance and just handing them what she thought the item was worth), Josh and Troy did a lot of reading (codeword for napping) in hammocks...

...we surfed, we sunned, Tanis and I baked yummy treats (I know, who knew?) in exchange for the boys playing games with us, and the boys chefed up fabulous meals in exchange for us tolerating their hammock obssession.
Tanis and I took one additional surfing lesson and even rented our own boards one afternoon to test our skills. Very fun. We looked something like this, only in the water :)
Feeling quite successful at surfing, we decided that we should take it easy and that boogie boarding might be fun to try. We were wrong. It was a comedy of errors from the get-go as we strapped the leashes to our ankles (only to find out later they belong on your arms) and headed out into the waves. It only took one good wave to rocket us both back onto the beach flayling as we attempted to stand up and walk in our flippers... After having provided entertainment for the people on the beach, we decided to retire back to sunning and swimming.

The boys on the other hand, were quite dedicated to mastering the surfing thing and would get up early in the mornings to give it a go (both to catch the best waves and also to get some practice time in when few other people were in the water, safer for everyone that way).

While it was difficult to get any good 'action' photos so-to-speak, they did look awful cute trying and experienced more than a few successes by the end of the week!

Thanks Josh and Tanis for all the fun!

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