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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beach 'n Brawn

While Troy spent our final week in Thailand healing his aches and pains, showing off his purple leg and stitches, and wearing out the Youtube link to his fight video, I resumed training.

You know, just another day in the life of a muay thai kickboxer...
Yib (the trainer) continued to encourage me to punch him in the face, convince me to stop smiling and keep my chin down, advise me that there is no squealing in kickboxing (even if I am a girl and that is my immediate response when my legs are kicked out from under me), and inform me that when we return next time he will train me harder and I will fight. I held fast to my position as a lover.

I embraced my last week of training, came away with my own impressive set of bruises, and after logging a few more hours in the sun and flexing some muscle on the beach (hehe), it was time to say goodbye to Thailand.

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  1. Sports injuries eh? You are now an athlete...welcome to the club! :)