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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Freaking Himalayas...

Just got back from our amazing Himalayan Expedition and I just had to brag about my wife one more time. Not sure how many mountains they let through customs but yet again, Nicole proved that she "Owns the Mountains". And not just any mountains, the freaking Himalayas...

The first 12 days of our trip took us to 5 heights over 5000meters. Not only did we get to those heights but Nic did it while carrying her back pack the entire time that weighed around 25 pounds. We had long hard days and it was me asking Nicole to slow down a little. I was often behind Nic (which by the way is not a bad view at all...) and trying to catch up. Simply put, she was a machine.

In a later blog Nicole will share pictures and stories with you that will clearly describe one of the coolest adventures we have been on this year. But for now, I just wanted you guys to know that Nic was amazing and the best trekking partner a guy could ask for. Way to go Nic, I am so proud of you it is sick...

love ya,



  1. That's so cool you guys! That's the way marriage should be celebrating each other and being proud of each other like that. This trip has probably made you two stronger in your relationship and in your love and respect for one another. Never lose sight of that. We are so proud of the two of you it's sick. Love ya Lots.

  2. WOW! It is nice to hear again how amazing my niece is, Troy. Sounds like you are quite a TEAM!