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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ihunga Artistes

This past Monday and Tuesday I ventured out to Ihunga Primary School with two other interns, Rivka and Matt. The journey out includes a 45 minute mini bus ride followed by a 20 minute boda boda (motorcycle taxi) ride up the 4x4 trails into the hills. It is a beautiful ride through banana and matooke plantations, winding through small communities, swerving around coffee beans laying out to dry in the roads and being greeted by school children left waving frantically in our wake.

Rivka had started an art project, called the Art Murals Mile Project, with kids in an after school program she is involved with in Edmonton. They completed half of a 12 foot canvas mural and it was brought here to be completed by kids in Uganda. We worked with two kids from each grade level (P1 to P7) to finish the mural themed 'Children and the Environment'. We brainstormed ideas and the kids took turns bringing their ideas to life on the canvas.

The kids, though quiet and reserved for the most part, were very creative and as evidenced in these before and after shots, the finished product is truly a masterpiece!

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  1. Wow, how awesome to be involved in such a global project!!!