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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

15 hours, no. 18 hours, no. How about 24?!

We arrived at the bus terminal only to find out the bus would leave three hours late. After one bus change, two subtitled movies, three bouts of extremely loud music (including singalongs by the rowdies), one foreign film with spanish subtitles, three pit stops, two inspection stations, one border crossing, two attempts to rip us off (one successful), a half dozen banana chocolate chip muffins, three bags of peanuts, four apples, and one cold pizza, we arrived at Mancora Peru.
One rickshaw ride later we heard the sounds of the ocean, arrived at the Laguna Surf Camp, and met up with Josh and Tanis (who had arrived the previous day) a little tired but no worse for ware, and only six or seven hours late ......

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